Call for Papers

We are inviting teachers, authors, researchers, students and others to publish in the new issue of COLUMNA. Finnish & Romanian Culture annual cultural publication, number 25 / 2019.

Publisher: Department of Romanian Language and Culture at University of Turku, Finland.
Subject: Romanian language and culture, Finnish language and culture or contacts between them.
Languages: Romanian, Finnish, English, Spanish and French, but the subject of your contribution should be related to the Romanian/Finnish topic. Both short and long articles are welcome (movie, theater or book reviews, scientific articles, essays, translations, travel impressions etc.). There are no specific formatting requirements (layout, page setup, citation etc).
Deadline: 10 February 2020.

COLUMNA will be issued both in printed form and online. It will be sent to libraries in Romania, Finland and other countries.
ISSN 0780-1262 (Print)
ISSN 2343-1040 (Online)

Please send your articles and/or requests for more info to Paul Nanu: