About our publication

History and Aim
“COLUMNA. Finnish&Romanian Culture” is a cultural publication hosted by the Department of Romanian Language and Culture at the University of Turku, Finland, in partnership with the Finnish Centre for Romanian Studies. Its main goal is to present Romanian and Finnish cultural phenomena, both distinctly and the contacts between them. It is the only publication dedicated to the Finno-Romanian field and its first issue goes back to 1982. Starting 2014, with a new editorial team, a new design and a new philosophy behind it, “Columna” is issued also online, aside its printed version. Being integrated in an educational institution, “Columna” is part of the Romanian studies curricula, the students enrolled in Romanian courses being able to actively participate in the editorial process.
Upon publishing, “Columna” will be sent to libraries and universities in Finland and abroad.
Frequency: Annual.
Reviewing: Submitted papers are at first reviewed by the editor-in-chief and by the associate editors for that particular issue and then they are sent for evaluation to the advisory board.
ISSN 0780-1262 (Print)
ISSN 2343-1040 (Online)
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